Apié is the Kajuyalí Group brand for School Fieldtrips and Excursions. We serve since 2004 as an organization in the Education Industry based in the outdoors as a classroom and the leadership of students framed in role modeling behaviors.

In Apié we believe that we can build a better society when we give the students the chance to know better our country, the cultures and traditions.  We believe that they interact with others in a different way tan in the school obtaining better group and personal relations.

Apié wants to make team with the schools by complimenting that education with valuable experiences where nature, challenge and group interaction become ways to empower the school goals. We do this from the called “Modeling Leadership” that comes from our professional staff .




“A leader is needed in every human activity. Starting with the family, sports, corporations, civil organizations, religion, government, military, etc. But, leadership is something that you can’t learn in a classroom. Even so, everyone certainly has the capacity of self -transformation and the opportunity to face those human activities that represent an ultimate challenge”


Sai Baba




Schools with whom we have worked