What we do

Kajuyalí promotes leadership through adventure activities and life experiences, and has worked with different types of public with different needs. We develop activities where we can promote people to lead their own life experience towards a happy and a free life in despite of age, gender or education.

Summer Camps

A service designed for vacation purposes in secure locations were children and families can develop social and personal skills. A unique opportunity to continue growing and learning with specialized programs for children, youth and families.

Educational Outings and Excursions

A service operated by professionals who know the destinations, opportunities and risks, to support schools in the design and development of safe and educational tours for students.

Tourism and Adventure

Provides the best support to people seeking adventure. Cycling, diving, rafting, trekking, windsurfing, bird watching, fishing, motorcycling, mountain climbing. All these and other activities supported by the best and most reliable logistical experience in Colombia.

Corporate Events and Marketing

A service designed to provide organizations with the best logistics and content for their launch events, conventions, benefit plans for customers and employees. Our experiences usually are framed by adventure and supported by graphical media and experiential activities.

Courses and Workshops on Personal and Group Development

We work with both group and individual needs to improve communications, willingness to change, improve understanding of their productive role in resolving conflicts, etc. We base our actions on experiential activities and lots of adventure.

Support to Communities

We created a foundation to allow communities near our operations to have better living standards and better access to new opportunities. We work closely with companies and individuals who help us with voluntary work.